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two lost princesses

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Jul 19, 2014

I keep trying to think positive and be ok…. But I am not anymore. I have turned into such an angry person this year and I really hate myself for it

Jul 19, 2014

The worst thing is I want my boyfriend to hug me and tell me everything will be ok or my mum to hug me and tell me it’s all ok. But I am still in this blasted place, the reason why I stayed up til 4 am on te application in the first place.

Jul 19, 2014


I am fed up of hitting huge massive walls in my life. Fed up. I do have a pretty good life, not gonna lie. But sometimes it is so hard when things happen which demoralise and just suck happiness from the day. It has happened too much to me this year. Have I used all my luck up getting into secondary school and uni? I am perfect for a graduate scheme
I just applied for and got rejected from. I have so much experience! So damn much! I would have been great, dedicated to that job. But no. Maybe because I predicted my graduating grade one lower than their wishes they most likely rejected me favouring a history major with a
Higher grade but who will ultimately fail at their job. I am
Trying to think positive like: they will regret not having me/ there are still options, but I wanted it because I could help out kids who are disadvantaged. I didn’t care it was paid. I really didn’t. But most people do. And it’s really making me sad that some of those people are the ones on it.

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Lana Del Rey’s blog. 
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Lana Del Rey’s blog

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